Let’s face it. Most of us don’t like to admit it, but our gut health probably isn’t where it once was to put it politely. Between delivery services like DoorDash and UberEats, the urge to eat whatever and whenever you want is at an all-time high. Sprinkle in a pandemic and your gut health is destined for disaster.

We go from being able to eat anything in sight, to being full after eating a few walnuts. But not necessarily because we want to. It’s because something in our tummy has gone wrong… very wrong! Either that or we ran afoul of an angry leprechaun that cursed us with tummy troubles. If this sounds like you, then you need some GI support to make sure your guts aren’t going nuts. But where do you start?

Maintaining Gut Health

According to GI Alliance, twenty million Americans suffer from chronic digestive diseases. Additionally, more Americans are hospitalized from it than any other disease. A digestive issue can range from a simple upset stomach to something more life-threatening such as colon cancer. This can all be caused by simple things such as stress, fatigue, and yes, your diet. All in all, leading back to GI support.

Even with all of that being said, I’d like to preface this by saying that this is a judgment-free circle. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t just DoorDash McDonald’s because I was too lazy to cook anything. As I mentioned before, the pandemic has made a lot of us comfortable with the idea of never needing to leave the house and having things just conveniently showing up at our doorstep. As a result, my now lack of appetite has skyrocketed.

Now I know eating my favorite junk food is fine in moderation, but the way I’ve been doing it, my gut might think otherwise. I can’t keep wondering why I have a headache from hell when the only thing I’ve had today is an iced coffee. It’s safe to say I might need some GI support to help get my appetite back to normal.

If you’ve had any issues with stomach aches, nausea, or loss of appetite from your gut health, we have the thing for you. EPC’s GI Support tincture will come to the rescue and help you feel like eating again.

Having Trouble Eating?

Even if you have your diet down to a T, you may be suffering from some of the nasty gut health side effects such as stomach pain, nausea, or just all-around difficulty eating. If you’re anything like me, sometimes you will find yourself not eating as much as you should, simply because you have no appetite.

And it’s not just me. In my own direct circle, my very good friend has stomach issues that run in his family. Additionally, my little sister’s boyfriend has had stomach issues since I met him when he was 17. He’s 31 and things have been the same for years. This truly is a very common problem in this country and for people of all backgrounds and ages.

With people all across America suffering from digestive issues, many are looking for GI support in cannabis or THC. If those alone don’t do the trick for you, we have created the perfect tincture to help people all across the board in the symptoms they feel from GI health.

Our GI Support Tincture

Here at Experience Premium Cannabis, we create the cleanest medicinal-grade tinctures in the state, and we believe everyone 21 and older should be able to experience them! We want to create the best products while you go to bed at night knowing you’re consuming something safe and productive.

A popular tincture here at EPC is our GI Support blend. This product was made for those who experience things such as nausea, stomach pain, or just an overall loss of appetite. With 30mg of THC and 240mg of CBD, you’re destined to feel relaxed and may experience a boost of appetite. Our GI Support Tincture has a delicious blend of licorice and peppermint making it easy to mix in with your everyday foods or drinks, or even other cannabis products if you’re feeling spicy.

Instead of having no appetite throughout the day or not wanting to eat because it’ll bring you nausea or stomach pain, imagine being able to eat your favorite foods in peace. You can have the proper amount of energy throughout the day from eating a good amount, and not be terrified of being sick immediately after. If any of this made you excited or just remotely curious, the GI Support tincture might be for you!

Cannabis-Related GI Support Ingredients

I know what you’re thinking, all of this sounds fine and dandy but what are you putting into your body? Very fair question, especially since we’re talking about something as important as your stomach. Let’s dive into the ingredients!


To start, the GI Support Tincture has 240mg of CBD to help not only relax but to help combat the negative effects of needing GI Support such as nausea. According to Health Line, CBD may help reduce nausea by interacting with serotonin receptors.


It is safe to say that most of us have probably already heard of “the munchies”. The 30 mg of THC in this tincture can have the benefit of helping a lost or non-existent appetite. According to Science Daily, specific parts of the brain shift into “hungry mode” while under the influence of THC.

Additional GI Support Ingredients

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil comes from the peppermint plant, which is a cross between mint and spearmint. The plant mostly thrives in Northern America and Europe.

If you are like a lot of our customers, you may not be the biggest fan of the taste or smell of CBD. After all, it definitely has a distinct taste. Some even describe it as a bit of a “burn” on the back of the throat. Similar in the way a good olive oil will have a peppery sensation on the back of your throat. Adding peppermint oil into the tincture gives it not only a pleasant aroma but also makes it easy to add to any food or beverage.

Ginger Oil

Adding to our list of essential oils in this tincture, GI Support also has ginger oil. This comes from the ginger plant and is extracted from the ginger rhizome after a distillation process. It can be found all over the world, but mostly in Asia and Africa.

According to Health Line, ginger oil has a strong smell and is often used in aromatherapy. Along with that, it is said to have benefits with nausea, arthritis, and migraines, which could assist in GI support.

Fennel Oil

Coming in at the most unheard of on the list, we have fennel oil. It is described to be a pleasant-smelling herb that can be found in yellow flowers. It originally was found in the Mediterranean region, but can now be found all over the world.

According to WebMD, fennel oil can be used to help with indigestion issues and can even relax the colon. The oil also acts as a flavoring agent in food and beverages, combating the taste of CBD in the GI support tincture.

Suspended in MCT Oil

Finally, we come to the suspension oil – MCT. MCT oil is made from a type of fat called medium-chain triglycerides (sounds important, right?). The MCT molecules are smaller than the ones in most fats that you eat, making them easier to digest. It is usually made from coconut or kernel oil through a process called fractionation.

WebMD says MCT oil can come with benefits such as helping with weight loss and controlling your appetite. Our GI Support tincture is made with CBD distillate which is infused into the MCT oil to enhance absorption.

Time to Eat!

GI Support caters to you straight through your stomach to assist your gut needs. Every bottle contains 28 doses at .5 ml each. Of course, you can always increase your dose if necessary, depending on your stomach and your tolerance level. A drop into your favorite food or beverage might have your appetite up and running like it was when you were 19. It also works great sublingually under your tongue.

If you feel like you haven’t been able to eat, or at least without feeling nauseous or stomach pain, EPC’s GI Support tincture might be the one for you! If you want to comfortably participate in the next summer cookout, swing by your favorite Nevada dispensary and pick this up today!

There are also no sedative effects in this tincture, so you can take it at any time of day that your heart desires. With that being said, you may still experience effects similar to light cannabis consumption. You should not drive, operate machinery or participate in tasks that require your undivided attention until you know how this tincture affects you! Enjoy this product safely, and cheers to GI Support!

About Experience Premium Cannabis

Experience Premium Cannabis (aka EPC) is a homegrown cannabis product producer in Las Vegas, Nevada. We make solventless products that are good for people and good for the planet. Additionally, we embrace niches in the medical and recreational cannabis market that others ignore or reject. Temple ball hash fan? Concentrate connoisseur? Looking for a specific concentration of CBD and/or cannabis ratio tinctures? You got it! We’ve got you covered!

Additionally, we care about quality and the effects our products have on people’s lives & health. Experience Premium Cannabis use only CO2 and ethanol extraction methods. We NEVER use butane or other petrochemicals to extract our oils. We want our products to be easy on the body and safe for our team to make. Furthermore, we care about our company’s impact on the planet. All of our packaging is made with the highest amount of recycled materials allowable by Nevada law. In other words, our products are simple, clean, environmentally friendly, and highly effective.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments you might have. We’re here for you and we’re responsive to your needs. If you’d like to locate our products, check out our dispensaries list. You can also find out more about Experience Premium Cannabis on Leafly. If you’d like to place an order for your Nevada dispensary, check out our Leaflink product profile.

For Adult Use Only

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