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Strength in Diversity

A strong, tight-knit team of diverse individuals who are dedicated to producing quality THC and CBD products in Nevada. 

Experience Premium Cannabis takes pride in the unheard-of level of diversity of our team, starting at the top. Both the officers running our company and our head of extraction are females. This is exceedingly rare in a cannabis production company. Moreover, everyone in our company is female, a person of color, or over 55 years old (or some combination of those). Additionally, 20% of our team is LGBTQ+.

Chief Executive Officer & Company Controller

Stephanie Magurno

Stephanie Magurno of THC Production LLC

Favorite Product: “Golden Mylk CBD Tincture. This is my go-to for pain relief – headaches, cramps, lower back pain, etc. It’s magically effective and tastes amazing.”

What Her Day-To-Day Work Looks Like: Stephanie spends a lot of time at the computer and on the phone, communicating with team members and customers, planning production, strategizing, keeping the books, managing the company’s finances, budgeting, scheduling, handling administrative projects, and interfacing with suppliers. She runs the day-to-day operations of the company and is responsible for high-level accounting work such as financial reports and managerial accounting.

What She Loves About EPC: “I love so many things! But I’ll focus on two of them. I love our commitment to the planet – the fact that from day one all of our packaging (even our stickers) has been biodegradable, re-usable, and/or recyclable to the greatest extent possible under state regulations; and that we built a water recycling system for our ice-water hash. No other company in Nevada can say that. I love our team – both the diversity of it and how dedicated and fantastic it is. Other people in the industry have toured our facility and commented on how impressive and amazing our team is, so it’s not just my opinion!”

Directors & Account Reps

Melinda Brown

Head Sales Director & Southern Nevada Account Rep

EPC staff - Melinda Brown

Favorite Product: “It’s difficult to narrow it down to just one product, but if I have to choose (which it looks like I do), the vast assortment of wellness tinctures are my favorite! Not only do they have good quality essential oils in them, but they also taste good too. In fact, some of the really specialized tinctures are packed full of flavors and aromas. Additionally and most importantly, they are also highly effective. I can attest to that from personal use.”

What Her Day Looks Like: Melinda is responsible for developing new accounts, strengthening existing relationships with Nevada dispensaries, and spearheading statewide initiative with our Southern and Northern Nevada Account Representatives. As you can imagine, this is a big task and a lot rests on her shoulders. This boils down to a lot of intelligent listening – to dispensary clients (owners and staff), to consumer feedback, and to industry trends overall. These conversations take place at promotional events Melinda runs at dispensaries for the brand, as well as by phone and e-mail, and in-person visits with purchasing managers of local cannabis retailers.

What She Loves About EPC: “I love that Experience Premium Cannabis is an eco-friendly company that uses high-quality ingredients. For example, our hash packaging grows flowers when it is planted in soil! How cool is that?!? I love working with EPC because of the positive, supportive work environment and management who are always looking to add innovative new products to our line.”

Jerilyn Gann

Northern Nevada Account Rep.

Jerilyn Gann of Experience Premium Cannabis

Favorite Product: “I love all of our tinctures 100 times over. However, the 1:1 and 20:1 and my absolute favorites.”

What Her Day Looks Like: As the sales representative for EPC products in all of Northern Nevada, she can be found doing pop-ups and visiting dispensaries from Yerington to Carson City and Lovelock to Fallon. In addition to her promotional events, she meets and talks with clients to work with them on creating attractive product displays, new product development, and how to best explain our products to budtenders and customers.

What She Loves About EPC: “I would have to say the thing that most struck me about EPC was the lasting impression I got when I first walked into the production facility in Las Vegas. I come from a different generation than most of the people in this industry, so cannabis was always just POT to me – plain and simple (dirt weed, one or two-finger lids, etc.). When I walked into the facility, I first noticed the sterile condition of the lab. Next was the amount of care that went into the products and the passion regarding eco-friendly production. When the team showed me the packaging for the Temple Ball Hash, they had me… a package you can plant and it grows flowers. The care and passion the staff put into the products, the respect they show for the environment and for the workplace are key to why I enjoy working with EPC. The people who work with the brand, from the owners to the production crew to the rest of the sales group make it a great team to be a part of.”

Production Crew

Bea Martinez

Lead Extractor & Chemist

Bea Martinez

Favorite Product: “The Golden Mylk CBD is just delicious and it’s so good for you. CBD helps to alleviate my headaches or any other pains I might experience – it’s awesome. I also really like smelling the Breathe Easy tincture!”

What Her Day Looks Like: Bea spends her days refining and distilling solventless oil for EPC’s tinctures. Additionally, she spends countless hours making big batches of them, maintaining all extraction and refinement equipment, researching cannabinoids and terpenes, R&Ding new products for EPC’s line or partner products, rolling temple balls from ice water hash, or pinch-hitting on order fulfillment. But that’s not all. Frequently, Bea appears on our podcast Soul D’Licious Infused to help with our “Cannabis Science” segment. Despite being a bit bashful about her level of skill and talent, the truth is she’s a whiz at this stuff and she loves to share her knowledge with the world.

What She Loves About EPC: “I like the staff here – everyone is willing to help out with everything – and I also love that our brand is earth-friendly (including the packaging). I also like the variety – every day is different and I get to experiment with new products and innovate. It involves a lot of problem-solving, trying things, and coming up with better alternatives if they don’t work.”

Kris Johnson

Chief of Staff

Chuck Pollack of EPC

Favorite Product: “Good Night. It was fun helping to develop it, taking the great cannabinoid CBN and making it even better with full-spectrum essential oils. I especially enjoy hearing feedback from consumers as to how much it has helped them because sleep deprivation is one of our biggest modern-day challenges.”

What Her Day Looks Like: Kris can be found at the lab boxing orders for delivery and QC’ing them before shipment, working remotely on benefits administration, writing up product information, developing new product formulations, updating SOPs, buying supplies, or any variety and sundry of other projects and tasks. She is the essential oils expert on our team and played a key role in formulating many of our tinctures that combine top-shelf plant-based extracts with cannabis for maximum effect. Kris manages HR, order fulfillment, purchasing, compliance, and facility layout and use of space, and is the right hand to our COO.

What She Loves About EPC: “I love the people and the culture. I love working with a small group of people who are smart, hard-working, and fun. I love that we all get to try on many different hats and we all jump in to help out whenever we need to. It’s great to be part of a company I know is making a difference in people’s health and well-being.”

Linda Pollack

Test Kitchen Manager

Linda Pollack

Favorite Product: “Golden Mylk 1:1 and CBD versions. I like the CBD version for work and the 1:1 at other times. It’s delicious and when you have discomfort it really makes a difference.”

What Her Day Looks Like: Linda is working on a brand-new product set for EPC of a special line of edible products. This entails finding the right ingredients, trying different recipes for taste and shelf-stability, honing production techniques, working with our essential oils expert and chemist on the medicinal formulations, and teaching the EPC team how to make the final product.

What She Loves About EPC: “We use top quality products – not junk. You don’t have to worry about what you are getting with our products. The line is really well done.”

Chuck Pollack

Operations & Packaging

Chuck Pollack of EPC

Favorite Product: “I take the EPC 20:1 CBD/THC Tincture every day because it relieves my pain and helps to make the day flow easier.”

What His Day Looks Like: On any given day you might find Chuck on the road picking up shipping boxes from our supplier or stickers from our local printer. Additionally, you may spot Chuck filling our various tincture bottles, taking inventory, or boxing up orders for our variety of dispensary customers.

What He Loves About EPC: “The fact that we create a quality product always makes me feel great. I can feel proud when I see Experience Premium Cannabis products in dispensaries because it’s first-class stuff. No one else in Nevada can duplicate them and I had a part in making them!”

Tim Rieb

Hash Maker & Chocolate Tech.

Tim Rieb of EPC

Favorite Product: “The Good Night tincture is my favorite EPC product. Nothing compares to it. It really helps people sleep through the night.”

What His Day Looks Like: As our solventless ice water hash maker, Tim spends a chunk of his time in a very cold room turning premium cannabis flower into bubble hash with the aid of special equipment, ice, water, and gentle agitation to separate the trichome heads from the rest of the plant matter. When he is not doing that, he’s assisting with bottling and packaging of tinctures by the hundreds.

What He Loves About EPC: “I love working here! I came in here knowing nothing about extraction and I’ve had the chance to learn SO much. The people are cool AND I enjoy the work.”

Shermaine Villanueva

Production Lead


Favorite Product: “My favorite product is the Breathe Easy tincture. I give it to my dog, who is old, and it helps with his respiratory illness and helps him sleep. He coughs less because of it and it has clearly helped to improve his standard of living. Like many pet owners, I’m happy to have the powerful healing benefits of CBD at my disposal. And nothing compares to the quality of the Experience Premium Cannabis tinctures. I highly recommend them for both people and pets.”

What Her Day Looks Like: Shermaine is the best and fastest team member when it comes to packaging, so chances are that if you have some of our tinctures, she personally packaged them! Under the tutelage of our chemist Bea Martinez, Shermaine also learned how to make the EPC tincture batches.

What She Loves About EPC: “It’s just a really good environment to be in – it’s fast-paced and there is always something to do. Plus, I enjoy working with all of my amazing EPC co-workers.”

Vanessa Villalpando

Production Tech & Brand Ambassador

Vanessa Villalpando

Favorite Product: “Golden Mylk 1:1 tincture is my favorite product by far. The spice blends and essential oils remind me of a warm chai tea! I also love the mood-elevating and pain-relieving properties it has to offer in every dose.”

What Her Day Looks Like: Vanessa steps up to the plate on packaging and order fulfillment when we have large surges in orders. She also staffs promotional events at dispensaries in the Las Vegas area to speak to patients and consumers about EPC’s sizable line of products.

What She Loves About EPC: “The incredible team that pushes for precision and quality are what keeps me loving this place and coming in every day with a smile on my face. I also love that the products produced here at Experience Premium Cannabis are packaged with recyclable or biodegradable materials. Keeping the planet healthy and protecting animals is a big focus of mine and it’s nice to work for a company that holds similar values about protecting the environment.”

Shannon Tyler

Production Tech


Favorite Product: “The 20:1 Tincture is my favorite for sure. I use it for migraines; when I take pharmaceuticals or even THC it takes so long to work but with this tincture, I feel relief within minutes and the pain goes down to a tolerable level. I also take it when I have consumed too much THC – if I start feeling nauseous and paranoid I take the 20:1 and very quickly it takes those feelings completely away!”

What Her Day Looks Like: Although she spends most of her time packaging our variety of products, she is a renaissance woman with many skills. Thus you might find her stripping a floor for refinishing, making branded face masks or candles for our sales team to use as promotions, or doing heavy lifting!

What She Loves About EPC: “I love working in an environment that excels in not just making products but putting passion and love into them as well. Plus, my work here covers such a wide range of activities and the company has a very positive family feel to it.”

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