My Achy Breaky Back

I can’t be the only one who’s young in spirit but feels like I have the body of an 80-year-old, right? The years of being a three-sport athlete and running around like a maniac have started to catch up with me a lot faster than I ever thought it would. Breaking my spine at the age of 18 on a giant trampoline didn’t help either. And neither did failing to seek medical attention when it happened. But hey, that’s the joys of being broke in the United States. If you hurt yourself when you’re 18 years old and have never had insurance coverage in your life, you don’t think about going to the doctor unless you’re nearly dead.

I never thought at this age, I would need to know the importance of a chiropractor or going for a quick run and still feel like I have shin splints. Now, I am not by any means saying I have taken the best care of my body over the past few years. I don’t go to the gym as I should, I probably eat too much Taco Bell, and don’t even get me started on my caffeine addiction.

Unfortunately, I feel like I can hardly classify keg stands and an intense game of beer die as actual exercise. I do get out dancing as much as possible, but with the recent pandemic, that’s been a much less frequent activity that I’d like. And even when I do get out to dance, I forget to stretch and I feel it hardcore… sometimes for weeks afterward. In other words, my body hurts and it sucks.

According to MPR News, more young people now complain of chronic pain than ever before, which can add to other issues such as depression and anxiety. I’m not happy to admit it, but I am one of those people we can add to the list. If you’re sick of your body hurting like me, the Experience Premium Cannabis 2 to 1 CBD THC tincture might be for you.

Ever Just Try A Painkiller?

When a body part starts to hurt, most people’s first instinct is to pop some Tylenol or Advil and call it a day. This was also something I frequently did in the past. However, it led to a world of issues for me when I was taking them too frequently which caused me to get a stomach ulcer. Yeah.. talk about pain.

Now, this is not to scare you if you do take over-the-counter pain medication. What happened to me was not by any means common and it took a lot for it to even reach that point. However, it opened my eyes to a new world of using CBD products.

More people are turning to CBD products to help with all kinds of problems. For me, the main issue was to see if it could help relieve my chronic back pain. Some pain we experience can be caused by inflammation. According to, chronic inflammation can lead to several issues including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. They also go on to say that inflammation is a key way to determine how your body will handle a potential injury.

Whether you are a triple athlete or a couch potato like me, EPC‘s 2 to 1 CBD THC tincture may help you out. It’s been a life-changing addition to my daily regimen. And my mom’s as well. And just FYI, we were both in long-term pain management clinics for many years. In my humble opinion, CBD has done more for me than I ever could have imagined. I’m a healthier, happier person now. That’s why I’m here, preaching the CBD gospel.

Our 2 to 1 CBD THC Tincture

EPC is a CBD manufacturer that creates the cleanest medical-grade tinctures in the state of Nevada! We take pride in knowing that we are providing you with the best products possible to give you the effects you desire.

Our 2 to 1 CBD THC tincture has 150mg of CBD and 75mg THC. This mixture may help the body’s response to discomfort. It might also help with other issues such as increasing relaxation and eliminating or reducing anxious feelings. Some consumers may be fine using this during the day. However, depending on your tolerance, you could experience some psychoactive effects.

It is virtually odorless and tasteless, making it very easy to drop into anything you’d like if you don’t feel like taking it straight. Each bottle comes with 28 servings of .5ml each and is fused into MCT oil to enhance absorption in your body. If any part of this made you excited or curious, stop by your favorite Nevada Dispensary and pick up the 2 to 1 CBD THC tincture today!

Because there’s a chance you could experience psychoactive effects, you shouldn’t drive, operate machinery or do anything that requires your undivided attention until you know it will affect you. Here’s to things hurting a little less. Well, physically anyways. Science has yet to determine whether including CBD in your daily routine may increase your chances of finding deeper life meaning or finding true love. But hey, anything is possible. Right?

About Experience Premium Cannabis

Experience Premium Cannabis (aka EPC) is a homegrown cannabis product producer in Las Vegas, Nevada. We make solventless products that are good for people and good for the planet. Additionally, we embrace niches in the medical and recreational cannabis market that others ignore or reject. Temple ball hash fan? Concentrate connoisseur? Looking for a specific concentration of CBD and/or cannabis ratio tinctures? You got it! We’ve got you covered!

Additionally, we care about quality and the effects our products have on people’s lives & health. Experience Premium Cannabis use only CO2 and ethanol extraction methods. We NEVER use butane or other petrochemicals to extract our oils. We want our products to be easy on the body and safe for our team to make. Furthermore, we care about our company’s impact on the planet. All of our packaging is made with the highest amount of recycled materials allowable by Nevada law. In other words, our products are simple, clean, environmentally friendly, and highly effective.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments you might have. We’re here for you and we’re responsive to your needs. If you’d like to locate our products, check out our dispensaries list. You can also find out more about Experience Premium Cannabis on Leafly. If you’d like to place an order for your Nevada dispensary, check out our Leaflink product profile.

For Adult Use Only

Experience Premium Cannabis products are intended for use by and available to adults 21+ and over. Keep our products out of reach of children and pets. Furthermore, be smart about handling, use, and dosage. In other words, be vigilant. Keep yourself in check. Finally, enjoy our products responsibly and keep everyone safe.