Sleep-Stealing Screens

Sleep problems are common. Really common! Let’s face it. With all the time we spend at work, taking care of our homes, our pets, and our families, it’s tough to get a good night of sleep in. And that’s not all that’s preventing us from getting some solid shut-eye. Additionally, the amount of time we spend staring at screens every day is growing more and more.

According to Elite Content Marketer, two different studies showed that the average American spends nearly 3.5-4 hours a day on their mobile phone. And that’s just the phone! Another study by Vision Direct found that participants spent an additional 4 1/2 hours watching TV, three hours gaming, and five hours on their computers. That’s close to 17 hours a day! Where the hell do we find time to bathe? In fact, if current trends continue, Study Finds estimates that the average American will spend nearly 44 years of their life glued to a screen.

Hell, I’m literally staring at a screen this very moment. Writing this article for you about how staring at screens will harm your sleep patterns. I know that staring at screens constantly is horrible. They disrupt sleep patterns and keep us from getting our much-needed shut-eye.

And yet, here I am. I’ll be on this laptop for a few more hours before I take my phone to bed and fall asleep watching something on YouTube. I know screens are bad for me. I know they’re preventing me from getting a good night of sleep. Like most things in life, I probably won’t learn a lesson, despite the fact that it doesn’t get more obvious than this. And I’m one of the lucky ones. We won’t even get into the people who have real, diagnosable sleep conditions. Luckily, EPC’s Good Night tincture consistently comes to the rescue. Both for myself and thousands who enjoy it’s benefits in the state of Nevada.

Having Trouble Getting A Good Night of Sleep?

Even those who don’t suffer from sleep disorders may still experience the occasional restlessness that won’t let you get a good night’s sleep. Some people turn to over-the-counter sleep aids, while others (like myself) frequently enjoy melatonin. However, there’s another up-and-coming way that people are getting better, more restful nights of sleep.

More and more, many people find cannabis, in general, may help with sleep. However, cannabis alone may not be enough, or may not create the desired effect. After all, for someone like myself, smoking cannabis at night usually keeps me up. Who knows… maybe I’m weird. But for people like myself who’re looking for something more all-encompassing, Experience Premium Cannabis crafted our highly-praised Good Night CBN tincture blend. We created this tincture to help both medical patients and recreational users naturally achieve a good night of sleep.

Our Good Night Tincture

Experience Premium Cannabis is the proud manufacturer of Nevada’s original solventless cannabis concentrates, and we want everyone 21 and older to be able to experience them! We make our premium cannabinoid concentrates with heat, ice, and pressure, to safely separate the resin. As a result, we’ve produced the cleanest medicinal-grade tinctures in the state!

One of our most popular best-in-class tinctures is our Good Night blend. This formula was concocted with a good night’s sleep in mind. With 150mg THC and 50 CBN, you’re sure to feel that peaceful, easy feeling, combined with the natural sedative of CBN. First off, our Good Night tincture smells amazing, containing a clever mix of lavender, vetiver, wild orange, and clary sage essential oils. After all, this delightful blend was designed to promote calmness and serenity.

Just imagine dropping this sweet night-night juice on your restless tongue, and feeling the calm wave of dream time wash over your entire body. First your skin, then deeper, into your muscles. Then your joints and bones. Feel it swish through your body and caress all the tensions of your hard day out of your very tired nerves. Then, your mind calms and your eyes get heavy. No, you’re not being hypnotized! It’s just what happens when you find the perfect blend of natural ingredients and cannabinoids. That’s what our Good Night tincture is for!

An Ingredient Exploration

So, this all sounds well and good, right? But why do we do what we do? Why did Experience Premium Cannabis create this tincture blend with the ingredients that ended up in it? Let’s find out!


First of all, our Good Night tincture contains 200mg of Cannabinoids for your relaxation pleasure. According to Psychology Today, “there are indications that CBN is a powerful sedative,” and some research shows that “CBN can prolong sleep time.”

MCT Coconut Oil

Good Night is MCT oil-based to enhance the absorption of the infused cannabis distillate. Additionally, MCT coconut oil has other benefits as well. MCTs (or Medium Chain Triglicerides) are more easily digested than longer-chain fatty acids found in most other foods.

Furthermore, according to, “due to their shorter chain length, MCTs travel more quickly from the gut to the liver and do not require bile to break down like longer-chain fats do.” In other words, the use of MCT coconut oil allows the product to process faster than it might suspended in other types of oils.


Lavender is an herb native to northern Africa and the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean, and it’s now spread the world over. The scent of lavender has long been known to have a calming and relaxing effect. In fact, I have a bottle of lavender oil sitting on my desk as I’m writing this article. As someone who experiences anxiety from time to time and has to take prescription meds for it on occasion, I’ve found that lavender oil helps to ground me when my mind is going haywire. Being that I don’t care for prescription meds, it’s nice to know I have alternatives. And while anecdotal evidence is not really evidence, I know that it helps to naturally calm me while I’m anxious.

Additionally, a study published by showed that patients who had a fear of dental work responded well to the addition of lavender and that symptoms of anxiety were reduced. In the study, author Dr. M. Kritsidima stated “our findings suggest that lavender could certainly be used as an effective ‘on-the-spot’ anxiety reduction in dentists’ waiting rooms.” Another study on lavender relating to sleep hygiene and sleep problems suggests that self-assessed findings “demonstrate the positive impact of the lavender intervention on sleep,” complimenting prior findings of improved sleep quality.


Vetiver is a fragrant extract obtained from the root of an Indian grass, used in perfumery and aromatherapy. It has been studied for its use as a way to possibly assist people suffering from sleep apnea by opening airways. Specifically, vetiver and other oils tested “did not increase the frequency of arousals or wake but did influence respiration” in a positive way. Therefore, it is possible that breathing patterns may improve as a result of including vetiver in this tincture.

Additionally, Healthline concluded that vetiver oil increased the quality of exhalation and decreased inhalation.” As a result, we can infer that vetiver oil could help people who snore at night.

Wild Orange

Wild orange oil is purported to also assist with relaxation and to produce a reduction in anxiety-related symptoms. While no studies are conclusive, it does smell and taste wonderful, adding to the overall olfactory and gustatory properties of our delightful Good Night tincture blend.

Cleary Sage

Finally, we come to cleary sage. Also known as Salvia sclarea, cleary sage is a plant native to the northern Mediterranean Basin. It’s widely used as a spice and as an essential oil used in aromatherapy. As such, it is utilized as a flavoring agent in our Good Night tincture as well as a tool to promote calmness and relaxation.

Additionally, a 2013 research project published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that including clary sage oil in the food of animal subjects led to a significant reduction in anxious behavior. According to the researchers, “findings enforce the hypothesis that S. sclarea oil possesses anxiolytic properties.”

It’s Nappy Time!

Good Night caresses your senses and cuddles every fiber of your being. One bottle contains 28 doses of 0.5mL each. The perfect number of Good Night drops may be able to help relax your body and mind, whisking you away to dreamland.

So, if it’s been a while since you’ve had a good night’s sleep, then EPC’s Good Night tincture is for you! You deserve a long, easy, relaxing rest. So what are you waiting for? Go pick it up today at one of your favorite Nevada dispensaries and get the sleep you’ve been dreaming about.

Finally, it’s important to remember that some of these ingredients have not been approved by the FDA for the specific uses indicated. However, the same can be said for many ingredients in a variety of supplements and over-the-counter vitamin blends. Ultimately, the best way to see if this blend works for you is to simply try it out and see. Of course, we stand by our products and believe heavily in the benefits they can offer. But, everyone is different and reacts to different substances in different ways.

Oh and one last note. It should go without saying, but our Good Night CBN tincture blend may cause drowsiness. Additionally, users may experience effects similar to light cannabis consumption. You should not drive, operate machinery, or do other tasks which require alertness and focus until you know how this tincture affects you. So enjoy safely and enjoy your great night’s sleep.

About Experience Premium Cannabis

Experience Premium Cannabis (aka EPC) is a homegrown cannabis product producer in Las Vegas, Nevada. We make solventless products that are good for people and good for the planet. Additionally, we embrace niches in the medical and recreational cannabis market that others ignore or reject. Temple ball hash fan? Concentrate connoisseur? Looking for a specific concentration of CBD and/or cannabis ratio tinctures? You got it! We’ve got you covered!

Additionally, we care about quality and the effects our products have on people’s lives & health. Experience Premium Cannabis use only CO2 and ethanol extraction methods. We NEVER use butane or other petrochemicals to extract our oils. We want our products to be easy on the body and safe for our team to make. Furthermore, we care about our company’s impact on the planet. All of our packaging is made with the highest amount of recycled materials allowable by Nevada law. In other words, our products are simple, clean, environmentally-friendly, and highly effective.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments you might have. We’re here for you and we’re responsive to your needs. If you’d like to locate our products, check out our dispensaries list. You can also find out more about Experience Premium Cannabis on Leafly. If you’d like to place an order for your Nevada dispensary, check out our Leaflink product profile.

For Adult Use Only

Experience Premium Cannabis products are intended for use by and available to adults 21+ and over. Keep our products out of reach of children and pets. Furthermore, be smart about handling, use, and dosage. In other words, be vigilant. Keep yourself in check. Finally, enjoy our products responsibly and keep everyone safe.