Premium Cannabis THC Tinctures Made in Nevada

Are you interested in the benefits of THC but want to avoid smoking? Our premium cannabis THC tinctures are the perfect solution. At Experience Premium Cannabis, THC tinctures are just one of the many amazing offerings we bring to the Nevada cannabis marketplace. We are a locally owned and operated company, established in 2016. We are committed to delivering the healthiest cannabis products available in Nevada today.

Our premium cannabis tinctures are handmade with the cleanest extraction methods designed to make the maximum amount of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids bioavailable. Our extraction process is both clean and sustainable, we never use chemicals or solvents in our production. We use ice, heat, water, pressure, and mechanical separation in order to deliver the cleanest cannabis compounds. Our extraction team was trained by the best in the industry, professionals with 20 years of experience, bringing you the gold standard of premium cannabis THC tinctures.

THC Only and THC CBD Ratio Tinctures

Our 500mg THC tincture is our only THC-exclusive tincture. It is great for medical marijuana patients that work with THC to help manage symptoms related to chronic pain. It is also a great option for recreational users who wish to avoid sugary edibles or do not wish to smoke or vape. We offer several different ratio blends of CBD to THC, including 1:1, 10:1, and 20:1. The higher the ratio of CBD to THC the lower the psychoactive effect, meaning the 1:1 ratio tincture is the most psychoactive, and the 20:1 is the least.

The THC in these tinctures is there to work synergistically with the CBD in order to produce what is known as the “entourage effect.” Early research suggests that these two cannabinoids provide increased benefits together than they do individually. Generally, our customers consider the 10:1 and 20:1 tinctures to be safe enough for daytime use without experiencing a “high” the way they would with our pure THC tincture. Our 1:1 tincture is a great option if you need a little help improving the quality of your sleep. 

Speaking of sleep, our “Good Night” tincture is designed specifically to help those who may be struggling to get quality sleep. This tincture combines THC with CBN to produce a mild sedative effect and to promote better sleep. Combined with top-shelf essential oils of lavender, vetiver, wild orange, and clary sage this is a great tincture for increasing calmness and deeper, more restful sleep. CBN has been shown to be an effective sleep aid and early research indicates that it is also helpful in regulating the immune system, as well as providing pain relief and reduction of inflammation.

Why Choose Our Premium Cannabis THC Tinctures

Our premium cannabis tinctures are fast-acting, thanks in part to their being stabilized in MCT (medium chain triglyceride) coconut oil. This carrier oil has proved helpful in helping the beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids in the THC tincture absorb into the bloodstream. Some tinctures that are not prepared using MCTs are not as effective because most of the cannabinoids are excreted during digestion and not absorbed by the body.

While not quite as fast-acting as smoking or vaping, THC tinctures are still fast-acting and tend to have longer-lasting effects. When taken under the tongue our tinctures usually start to be felt within 15 minutes. Premium cannabis THC tinctures also have the benefit of causing no damage to the lungs, gums, or teeth, the way that regular smoking or vaping can. These tinctures may also be applied topically to help relieve joint and muscle pain. 

Another advantage of our premium cannabis THC tinctures is that they have a long shelf life. As long as they are properly stored in a cool, dry area out of direct light or heat your tincture will last for many months. Both direct sunlight and intense heat can degrade the quality of the cannabinoids and terpenes within the tincture. This will impact the potency of your tincture so always make sure that it’s stored properly.

Everyone Loves Our Tincture Line

Our Experience Premium Cannabis THC tinctures are a favorite among both recreational and medical cannabis users for good reason. Our diverse array of products provides different levels of potency and specific therapeutic applications. In addition to providing clean, solventless extracts, our company is dedicated to sustainable practices at every step of production. We’ve developed a water recycling system to make the best use of our precious water resources during our extraction process.

We also deliver biodegradable and recyclable packaging to the fullest extent that Nevada regulations allow. As you can see there are many reasons to feel great about choosing Experience Premium Cannabis THC tinctures. You can find us at most major dispensaries in both Northern and Southern Nevada.

About Experience Premium Cannabis

Experience Premium Cannabis (aka EPC) is a homegrown cannabis product producer in Las Vegas, Nevada. We make solventless products that are good for people and good for the planet. Additionally, we embrace niches in the medical and recreational cannabis market that others ignore or reject. Temple ball hash fan? Concentrate connoisseur? Looking for a specific concentration of CBD and/or cannabis ratio tinctures? You got it!

Additionally, we care about quality and the effects our products have on people’s lives & health. Experience Premium Cannabis use only CO2 and ethanol extraction methods. We NEVER use butane or other petrochemicals to extract our oils. We want our products to be easy on the body and safe for our team to make. Furthermore, we care about our company’s impact on the planet.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments you might have. We’re here for you and we’re responsive to your needs. If you’d like to locate our products, check out our dispensaries list. You can also find out more about Experience Premium Cannabis on Leafly. If you’d like to place an order for your Nevada dispensary, check out our Leaflink product profile.

For Adult Use Only

Experience Premium Cannabis products intended for use by and available to adults 21+ and over. Keep our products out of reach of children and pets. Furthermore, be smart about handling, use, and dosage. In other words, be vigilant. Keep yourself in check. Finally, enjoy our products responsibly and keep everyone safe.